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Product categories for Private Label

Private label arcápoló készítmények
Facial care

Moisturizing, nourishing, anti-wrinkle fnight, day facial creams, gels

Private label testápoló készítmények
Body care

Hydrating, nourishing body care lotions, gels and creams

Private label SPA készítmények
Massage - SPA

Base massage cream, massage oils, refreshing creams and gels

Private label hajápoló készítmények
Hair care

Shampoos, balms, hair care gels

Private label lábápoló készítmények
Foot care

Heel care creams, foot care balms

Private label tisztálkodó készítmények
Personal hygiene

Hand lotions, cream soaps, shower gels, bubble baths

Private label gyógynövényes készítmények
Problem solving

Joint, muscle, musculoskeletal, skin problems creams, gels and balms

Private label bőrápoló készítmények
Hand care

Hand care creams, gels, balms. For hydration and nourishment

Private label sport, fitness készítmények
Sports and Fitness

Warm-up, muscle relaxant, sports injury care creams

Private label alapkrém
Base products

Cosmetic bases, emulsions

Private label fejlesztés
Private label fejlesztés

Our latest product lines as standard Private Label

Developing our product lines is preceded by thorough market research, so you can safely choose any of your business to start.
Private label hajápolási projektek

Scientific hair care

Hair care project

Healthy scalp, shiny and healthy hair

  • The secret of healthy hair is a healthy scalp
  • The goal of successful scalp care is not symptomatic treatment
  • The long-term preservation of results is the token of success

“The purposefully selected active agents reinforce each other’s effects and thus increase the efficacy of the product in order to achieve a quicker and more persistent result” – Zsolt Király, product developer, owner

Massage product group project

Plant-based painkiller solutions

  • Organic composition for extra long lasting pain relief
  • 3 types of herbal massage oils
  • Massage cream preparation with secret extracts

“We have attempted to create a product group which perfectly satisfies all the demands of masseurs in connection with base and supplementary preparations” – Zsolt Király, product developer, owner

Private label masszázskrém projekt

Complex, organic solutions for masseurs

Private label luxus kategóriás termékek

A drop of luxury

Luxury beauty care project

A drop of luxury

  • Individually selected, special ingredients
  • HYAPEARL formula with the power of HYARULONIC ACID
  • Complete product range for demanded hair and skin care

“I really love this product line because we’ve implemented the principle of “maximum elegance and professionalism in beauty”! !” – Anikó Kiss-Papp, owner, manager

Private label baba termékcsalád

For you, the best!

Complex baby care project

A baby deserves the BEST!

  • Contains no preservatives or colourants
  • Contains no petroleum derivatives or alcohol
  • Contains no fragrances, and it not only cleanses, it nourishes the baby’s skin

“It is impossible for us not to treat an angel like an angel. When we designed the products with heart and soul, we were happy to create something that includes the dedication and love we feel for the babies. In this spirit, our slogan can be interpreted in several ways: “The best for you.”

.” – Anikó Kiss-Papp, owner, manager







We are service providers of accredited GMP certification for the international cosmetics industry

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