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Private label termék ikon

Full range of cosmetic produced as Private Label from the purchase of the raw material to the delivery of the finished product.

Features of our services in Private Label

The primary criterion for our collaboration is your satisfaction

We will be satisfied and successful, if we make you successful with high quality, external appearance in line with international trends and competitive value for money on the market.
We will offer you our recommendations on quality, quantity and pricing requirements. You tell us what the parameters are, and we will offer you the optimal solution.


A unique recipe, even for as few as 1000 items.

Continuous support

We fully support our customers.

Perfect discretion

Secrecy is not an obligation but a fundamental principle for us.

The best achievable value for money

We are unbeatable on the market regarding value for money of our services.

GMP minősítés logó
We have an accredited GMP certification

Choose a process!

Standard content

In our wide range of standard cosmetic products, all our customers can find the most suitable item for them. The customer's uniqueness in this case is the use of its own label.

Features of the standard process

The customer selects from the existing product range

Our company has numerous products and product families of various types available, from which our customers can choose the most suitable one for them.

Consolidated manufacture results reduction of costs

In case of consolidated production, the cost of a single product is reduced in order of magnitude due to the combined packaging material and label purchases.

Product delivery time is shorter

The whole process from start to handover is significantly shortened due to the above. Thus the customer can soon launch sales.

Administrative matters are simpler

Product development, packaging and documentation are done in a standard manner. So, the customer can count on much less time and energy.

Quantitative flexibility

You can order as few as 1000 items from us.

Unique formulation

The unique formulation process is recommended for customers who have their own recipes or cosmetic product samples available.

Features of unique formulation

The customer requests a unique recipe.

In this case too, several options are offered: the customer himself brings the recipe or a sample product, or orders a totally new recipe from us.

Best value for money on the market

Based on our own development base, companies that choose individual formulations, receive a better quality product than expected from their budget.

Innovative product ideas

Unique formulation allows products to be made available to market segments that can become popular through their uniqueness.

Unique packaging materials may give an additional market advantage
Exotic extracts, fragrances, which are customer specific
A unique recipe may be launched with as few as 1000 items!
Private label precíz munkavégzés

Our cosmetic products development principles

The cosmetics industry has been subject to major attacks recently, primarily due to the negative marketing campaign against the appearance of natural cosmetics. The questions raised paint a much darker picture of the cosmetics industry than would be justified. Naturally, quality raw materials, safety and health are important for us too.

Private label gyors felszívódású termékek
Rapid absorption

The cosmetic emulsion of our own development is a token of intensive and rapid absorption.

Private label paraffin mentes termékek
Paraffin free

No petroleum derivatives are used in our preparations.

Private label papabén mentes termékek
Paraben free

Parabens are not used as preservatives when preparing our products.

Private label gyógynövény tartalmú termékek
Plant-based raw materials

We use quality plant extracts and essential oils from controlled farms.

Private label állatkísérlet mentes termék
No animal testing

Neither our raw material producers nor we do any testing on animals.

Private label vegán termékek
Vegan components

There are no ingredients of animal origin in our products.

How can we support you?
The primary criterion for our collaboration is your satisfaction

On base your quality, quantity and pricing ideas, we’ll give you our offers. We will be satisfied and successful, if we make you successful with high quality, external appearance in line with international trends and competitive value for money on the market.
Over and above this, however, numerous questions arise in the areas of licensing, design, marketing, carriage and warehousing. You can rely on our advice in every phase of the product development process. We have at your disposal our fourth century experience and network of relationships.


We help you find your way through the maze of licensing procedures.


Based on our extensive network of contacts, we find the right solution for your product

Product design development

After thousands of products, you can rely on our suggestions!

Carriage – Warehousing

We share our 25 years of experience and relationships with you for your success!

Private label vegye fel velünk a kapcsolatot!
We perform all phases of development with maximum discretion. For us it is natural to keep the identity and development ideas of our partners secret. In our experience, this is the safeguard of long-term collaboration and a growing client base!
We are service providers of accredited GMP certification for the international cosmetics industry
Don’t hesitate to contact us!
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